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Fiber optic test equipment

Sumix, 3532 Seagate Way, Suite 100, Oceanside, CA, 92056, USA
Tel.: +1 (877) 233-3385
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Microscopy Probes

Hand-held probes to inspect fiber optic connectors for defects and contamination


High resolution industrial interferometers to control quality of single fiber and multi-fiber connectors, ferrules and bare fiber

CIOE 2019 Exhibition

September 4-7, 2019

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Booth # 1A64-4, Hall 1

ECOC 2019 Exhibition

September 23-25, 2019

The RDS Venue, Dublin, Ireland

Booth # 131, Hall 1

Sumix Honored in 2019 Lightwave Innovation Reviews Program

Mar 1 2019

We are proud to announce that Sumix  MANTA-W+ fiber inspection microscope  has been recognized as an innovative solution by 2019  LIGHTWAVE INNOVATION REVIEWS PROGRAM . Presented annually by Lightwave, it distinguishes top products and solutions available within the optical networking industry as determined by a panel of judges including executives and experts from a wide variety of service providers, technology developers, industry analysts, and journalists.
Criteria used in the Innovation Reviews rankings include, first and foremost, unique technology or application thereof, innovation, ease of use, efficiency, reliability and contribution to profitability.

Here's how one the judges commented on Sumix Manta-W+ fiber inspection microscope:

"Great option for MTP/MPO testing; ability to check up to 96 fibers on one screen is impressive. Broad range of compatible connectors makes it an even more impressive product."

Sumix Collaborates with 3M in Support of Introduction of New Expanded Beam Optical Connector

Provider of High-End Optical Inspection Solutions Collaborates with 3M to Enable Rapid and Efficient Implementation of Next Generation Connector

Oceanside, CA, April 15, 2019 — Sumix Corporation announces its collaboration in support of the introduction and implementation of the new 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Connector. Sumix developed and introduced a new adapter for the industry leading Manta-W+ fiber inspection microscope to effectively inspect and test the new connector end face.

The Sumix Manta-W+ inspection microscope with the new tip was on display at OFC 2019, the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, in San Diego March 5-7, in both Sumix and 3M’s booths.

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Your all-in-one solution for controlling quality of fiber-optic connectors

Mar 13 2018

At OFC 2018 Sumix demonstrates the MAX-Quantum – the new automated high-end interferometer for simultaneous end-face geometry inspection, anomalies detection, guide holes parallelism and angles measurement.

The MAX-Quantum is designed for inspecting all major types of single and multi-fiber connectors, including MT16/32, and it features:

  • large field of view fitting 16+ fibers per row and guide holes;
  • high resolution of 1.4 um enabling anomalies detection per IEC requirements;
  • manual and auto-focus;
  • large imaging sensor (12 MP) for high repeatability and superior image quality;

Check more information at

Inspection solutions for QSFP transceivers, Q-ODC12, IP, IP1 MPO patchcords, MT ferrules and SLIM connectors

New fixtures for MAX interferometers

MAX-SV-MT-PC and MAX-SV-MT-APC - fixtures for testing fiber hole concentricity and guide hole parallelism and distance of MT ferrules with PC and APC end face.
MAX-F-2.5-APC-SLIM - fixture for measuring 2.5 mm Slim connectors with APC end face.

New tips for Manta microscopes

MNT-MPO-APC-F-H and MNT-MPO-PC-F-H tips - primarily designed for Senko IP MPO single-mode and multi-mode connectors in adapters and can be also used for some other MPO patchcords in patch panels. View fibers and guide holes with SMX-Manta/Manta+ in four shots and whole ferrule with SMX-Manta-W+ in two shots.
MNT-MPO-PC-F-IP1-H and MNT-MPO-APC-F-IP1-H tips - recommended for Senko IP1 MPO single-mode and multi-mode connectors in adapters. View fibers and guide holes with SMX-Manta/Manta+ in four shots and whole ferrule with SMX-Manta-W+ in two shots.
MNT-MPO-PC-A75-H and MNT-MPO-APC-A77-H tips - recommended for QSFP transceivers with MPO/PC and MPO/APC interface. View fibers and guide holes with SMX-Manta/Manta+ in four shots and whole ferrule with SMX-Manta-W+ in two shots.
MNT-Q-ODC12-PC-P-SL, MNT-Q-ODC12-APC-P-SL, MNT-Q-ODC12-PC-S-SL and MNT-Q-ODC12-APC-S-SL tips - recommended for Q-ODC12/PC and Q-ODC12/APC plug and socket connectors. View fibers and guide holes with Manta/Manta+ in four shots and whole ferrule with Manta-W+ in two shots.

New SMX-Manta-W+ microscope by Sumix

Aug 7 2017

Manta-W+ is a revolutionary handheld microscope primarily designed for testing of MTP/MPO and SMA connections. The whole MTP/MPO connector is tested in just one scan.
Featuring resolution of a benchtop microscope, the probe gives the possibility to check multi-fiber, SMA and single fiber connectors in the field.
Manta-W+ can be used for visual inspection of the connector end face for scratches, defects and contamination, as well as for automatic Pass/Fail testing based on IEC standards.
SMX-Manta-W+ comes with autofocus function. After you insert a cable, simply press a button to achieve a sharp and focused image of the connector end face.

Read more about SMX-Manta-W+

Sumix special Side+Front view fixture for geometry measurement of MT endface and guide hole parallelism

Nov 11 2016

Sumix is pleased to announce new fixture design for use for geometry measurement of MT endface and guide hole parallelism. This fixture design allows simultaneous interferometric scanning from two views, Side + Front views. According to IEC optical interface specification standard guide holes parallelism must be better than 0.012mm. The endface angle with respect to the average of the guide holes must be within tolerance of ±0.15◦. Side+Front fixture eliminates any need for firmly handling of guide holes/pins and precise positioning of the ferrule, hence avoiding any deformation which may cause measurement errors.

Sumix MAX-QM+ interferometer coupled with this special fixture performs geometry inspection based on IEC 61754-7-3 standard and reports guide holes parallelism at the same time.

Multi-Fiber Inspection Probe from Sumix

Oct 21 2016

Checking MTP/MPO connectors fiber by fiber is now a thing of the past! Sumix is pleased to introduce MANTA fiber inspection probe for testing multi-fiber, SMA and single fiber connectors in the field.

This portable microscope can be used as a handheld unit for network maintenance and as a desktop microscope at the connector assembly/production lines. The unique feature of the probe is the ability to test MTP/MPO connectors with up to 96 fibers in just two scans. The whole SMA connector end face is tested in one shot.

High resolution of Manta enables you to explore surface details as small as 1.8 mm and to detect defects as small as 0.75 mm.

UPD Now available in a modification with autofocus function: SMX-Manta+

Sumix Offers Testing Solution for MT16/32

July 1 2016

At OFC 2016 in Anaheim Sumix demonstrated a solution for testing new multi-fiber MT16 and MT32 connectors. Sumix MAX-QM interferometer coupled with a special fixture performs geometry inspection based on IEC 61754-7-3 standard.

The solution is a must-have for MT16/32 ferrule production lines and MTP/MPO-16/32 connector assembly lines.

Contact for getting more information about the system.

Press Release

Sumix Releases Next Generation MAX Interferometers

Fiber Optic Technology Leader Introduces High-Speed USB 3.0 Devices

May 8 2015

Oceanside, California, USA - May 8, 2015: Sumix Corporation today announced the official release of Sumix MAX™ Series Interferometers, the first USB 3.0 Interferometers in the market. Continuing in the tradition of calibration-free, highly reliable, industry-standard measurement devices for fiber optic connectors, the new MAX devices are the fastest ever released by Sumix. These devices are now available for purchase to the general market.

The MAX series of devices are capable of testing single-fiber patch cords and pigtails, bare ferrules and bare fiber, MT ferrules and MTP/MPO patch cords. These interferometers follow in the footsteps of the highly successful SMX series of devices, and offer improved fixturing for easy connector insertion. MAX also delivers the inherent speed advantages of USB 3.0, while still offering the high-resolution and high-contrast optics that made SMX a popular choice by the fiber optic industry. Coupled with Sumix MaxInspect™ Software, Sumix MAX Interferometers promise to take fiber optic connector measurement to new levels of ease and accuracy.

"Sumix has always been focused on providing innovative solutions to the fiber optic industry," said Dr. Farhad Towfiq, President and CEO of Sumix Corporation. "MAX devices continue this legacy with the highest measurement quality, ease of use and industry-leading testing speeds."

The MAX series embodies the Sumix philosophy that using a high-tech device does not need to be a time-consuming job performed only by engineers. Sumix strives to make this technology accessible and simple to use, while retaining the technical complexity inherent in the function of such a device.

For more information on the new MAX devices, or any other Sumix Corporation products, you can email us at

3D Scratch Detection Implemented

Jan. 13 2015

Sumix has introduced 3D scratch detection function and integrated it into MaxInspect™ interferometric software. Now you can test the connector end face geometry and detect surface defects in a single scan. The report generated by the software will show both geometry parameters like Apex Offset, ROC etc. and scratches and defects tested up to the latest IEC standards. This totally eliminates the need to test patch cords on a desktop microscope and reduces polishing and assembling time by several times.

Scratch detection

Anomalies detection is implemented for both single fiber and multi-fiber patchcords. Check with about this great MaxInspect™ software update.

SMX-Scopio Probe Upgraded with a Test Button

Apr. 17 2014

Sumix has released SMX-Scopio-B - a modification of Sumix digital inspection probe, featuring the external test button. This ergonomic design ensures easy one-hand operation, faster and more convenient process of testing connectors. Contact for a quote or more details.


Current Version of Software

Use the same software application for Interferometers and Inspection Probes - MaxInspect™, version 1-2-26.
Please contact or to get the latest version of MaxInspect.


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Sumix, 3532 Seagate Way, Suite 100, Oceanside, CA, 92056, USA
Tel.: +1 (877) 233-3385, Fax: +1 (508) 300-5526
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Sumix designs, develops and manufactures high-end test equipment for fiber optic industry — interferometers and inspection probes,
industrial USB 3.0 cameras and USB 2.0 cameras.

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